Ongoing Research Work


We’ve formed a partnership with cc-TDI to support our mission to cure Clear Cell Sarcoma (CCS). Since thus far, no drugs have been shown to be effective in curing CCS, cc-TDI is screening drugs currently in use for other cancers for efficacy in treating CCS. They’ve obtained CCS cell lines isolated from tumors of many different CCS patients to determine if these drugs are effective in inhibiting the growth and viability of these CCS tumor cells. We are actively funding this testing and are very encouraged with early results.

Other Work We Do

We believe the way to combat CCS is to study and attack it from many angles, so we are also pursuing collaboration and work with other researchers, doctors and institutions:

  • We are working with a scientist at Oregon Health and Science University who developed a promising drug that we hope will go into CCS patient trials in the future. We remain in contact with him as studies progress and this journey continues.
  • We have had support and direct contact with pharmaceutical companies that are interested in our mission and its success. We will share more details as we are permitted in the future.
  • We are in contact with scientists and clinicians at MSK and The Broad Institute and continue to keep them involved up to date on our mission. They are an active part of our research outreach and we plan to increase this network as part of our goal to optimize the exchange of information between patients, researchers and clinicians so that decisions about treatments and other matters can be made with all of the information readily available.