Our Mission

Sara’s Cure is a grassroots, race-against-time campaign focused on funding critical research to find a cure for Clear Cell Sarcoma. This non-profit 501(c)3 cause came to exist when 17 year old Sara Woods was diagnosed in 2016. This cancer is so rare that it doesn’t typically warrant funding from the bigger companies so most of the research comes from government and private grants. Funds that Sara’s Cure raises will go directly to research for this cure. We are working directly with researchers and scientist at several top hospitals and labs.  Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI) and Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) are two of several institutions that we are working directly with to find a cure. Your financial support through our mission will not only help to cure Sara but countless others. Since starting this cause in March of 2018 we have connected with other young patients like, Scott Heller, 29, of NYC who have joined our fight!