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Lennie Woods
Executive Director/Co-Founder

Executive Director, Lennie Woods, is one of the founders of Sara’s Cure. Lennie is the wife of Denny Woods and mother of Sara Woods and Jaqueline Woods which are her biggest loves and life focus. As a College of Charleston graduate and Charleston area native Lennie has been successfully selling real estate. Her life revolved around her Family, community, clients and raising her two beautiful daughters. Lennie’s life direction took a drastic change when her daughter, Sara, was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma. When told there was no cure she immediately decided that this was not acceptable for her daughter or anyone suffering from this ultra rare cancer. Lennie is blessed with a drive to get answers and connections needed for success in any road block she faces. Right now she faces the biggest one of her life. Joined by some of her closest friends she is on a mission to find a cure for CCS and believes that God has put the right people in her life along the way to do this important life saving work. Her faith gets her through the scariest of times and she feels sure that a treatment for CCS is close.



Molly Liska
Chief Operating Officer/Co-Founder

As one of the founders of Sara’s Cure, Chief  Operating Officer, Molly Liska,  is passionate about the mission and success of this organization. Molly’s husband, Nick, had told her for years that she should work in the nonprofit sector but she remained focused on early childhood and online retail management for a friends business as she wasn’t sure how to make that transition.  When her college best friends daughter was diagnosed with CCS she knew she had to do whatever it took to help Godchild, Sara Woods, and her family find a treatment for this ultra rare cancer. Now her husband Nick gets to say, “I told you so!” as she now realizes that this is her passion. The timing was perfect for her involvement with Sara’s Cure as her son, Cal, finished up high school and heads to college she found she has more time to dedicate to the mission. Molly loves connections with people and nurturing relationships. Her position as COO allows her to showcase her talents through fundraising, social media and networking.  Molly believes that God had a big hand in her journey to become a part of Sara’s Cure through all that led her here both emotionally and geographically having just recently relocated back down south after an 11 year stint living in Philadelphia. “I know that this amazing group of people can and will make a difference in not only Sara’s life but other young patients suffering from CCS. We are fighting the fight every day to give them a voice and hope!”



Kelley Argraves, Ph.D.
Scientific Director

Kelley Argraves, the Scientific Director of Sara’s Cure, is deeply involved in its mission. Kelley found a passion for science early in her schooling but a direction into research emerged after she graduated from college and met her husband, Scott. Scott was starting his own lab and encouraged Kelley to go to graduate school and join him at the bench. After obtaining her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at The George Washington University, Kelley relocated from Maryland to Charleston and set up her own lab next door to Scott’s at the Medical University of South Carolina. In 2013, after many happy and productive years in collaboration, Scott was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, glioblastoma. Unfortunately, Scott did not survive long after diagnosis, but Kelley and their two kids were surrounded with love and support by their best friends, Lennie and Denny Woods. After a few years researching solo, Kelley began to explore other career directions. Simultaneously, Sara Woods was diagnosed with CCS and it became clear that since there were no known treatments for this aggressive and rare cancer, they had to come together to push for research for treatments and a cure. Kelley has dedicated herself to making a difference for Sara and the others diagnosed with CCS.



Jenae Heller

Jenae Heller became involved with Sara’s Cure after her husband Scott was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma at the age of 27. Newly engaged, it was the scariest time in their lives. There was little to no information on this type of cancer and no cure. Connecting with Sara’s Cure was a turning point for Jenae and Scott. They taught them the importance of being your own advocate and how to have an impact on the course of Scott’s treatment and future.

Jenae graduated from the University of Michigan in 2012 with a BA in Economics. After graduating, she started her career at Imagineer Technology Group, a financial software company, and is currently the Director of Client Services.

In Jenae’s spare time she enjoys cooking, running, pilates, and spending time with family and friends. Never being a runner before, she started running after Scott’s diagnosis, as an outlet for her stress. Since then, she has run her first official half marathon and runs her own personal half marathons in both New York City and her favorite place, Fire Island.

Her husband Scott is her hero. His bravery and determination inspire her every day to continue to fight for the cure.



Dru Williams

Dru’s heart is in developing great relationships with his customers that he meets through his business and making their sales experience enjoyable at Rogue Motion. This is not just a business side of Dru but who he is through and through. Dru loves people and cherishes building relationships with all who cross his path.

Dru is a Charleston native having been raised on James Island where he still resides with wife, Kelly, and his 2 beautiful daug

hters, Avie and Kailynn. Boating, fishing, and golf are among Dru’s many interests, yet he says his proudest moment is being a Dad. Dru’s love of golf and love for his community lead him to becoming the girls middle school and high school golf coach for over 6 years. This coaching position is what ultimately lead him to Sara’s Cure. Dru was Sara Woods’ golf coach and became very fond of Sara and her family over the years. Sara was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma during high school and sadly had to step away from the team. Dru, however, continued to follow Sara’s story and eventually decided to jump in and make an impact. He, along with Rick Agius, hosted the 1st Annual Swing for Sara’s Cure Golf Tournament which to date is the biggest fundraiser held for the organization. As his relationship and support with Sara’s Cure grew involvement with the board was clearly the perfect next step!



Mark Gibson

In my spare time, I like to spend time entertaining with friends and family which usually involves a mass consumption of calories followed the next day by working out.  I also try to play guitar (hopefully entertaining) every once in a while.  I’m inspired by those who overcome obstacles greater than themselves and go on to achieve even greater accomplishments in spite of what they may have been faced with.  Those are the people I look up to.  It took the passing of my mother to make me realize who my hero in life truly was.  I grew up idolizing my father.  He was a retired soldier and veteran.  It seemed there was nothing he couldn’t do, but I never realized there was an even stronger person always behind the scene producing the entire play and ensuring a standing ovation.  This person was my mother.  I find myself relying on her wisdom even 12 years after her death.  A nonprofit to me is in how you view your place or purpose in this life.  The true ‘reward’ in this life can’t be counted or counted on.