Why I give

I give because I’m a mother. Because I would do anything for my child just as Lennie (Sara’s Mom) is doing for her daughter. I give because rare diseases don’t get the funding they deserve. It was Ghandi who said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
I give because people like Sara Woods and Scott Heller need to know that they are not forgotten. I give because my money brings hope. My dollars go directly to a cure. Sara’s Cure is a true grassroots effort – there are no offices, no employees on payroll to support. We are all volunteers. All funds raised go directly to researchers working on getting a drug to trial. I give because my money makes a big impact.
I give because my family has a history of sarcoma, a history of cancer in general. Does yours? I give because gene therapy is a promising future for us all.
So, how can I not donate my time and money to Sara’s Cure? I make a difference. You can make difference. Any donation, any amount. I give because we are stronger together, now and always.

Katie Weinberger

Creative Director

King Bean Coffee Roasters



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